Time For Spring Cleaning

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This weekend I had grand plans to get blog photos taken but with the absolute mammoth task of taking the Christmas decorations down and putting them away before the twelfth, said blog photos were not able to fit into the agenda. Luckily for me I still have these lurking around from our trip to Paris that I never got round to posting so I figured it was the perfect time to use them.

Whilst taking down all our decorations this weekend I have really felt the need to do a big ol’ house spring clean. Despite the fact it’s not yet spring, I feel as though it’s time for a clean up and a refresh around our home. Normally I hate taking the decorations down but this year I was itching to get everything cleaned and spruced up. Sadly just one weekend isn’t long enough to take all the decorations down, put them away AND have a spring clean. Instead I’m starting room by room. I’m not part of the #HinchArmy (probably because I’m a bit too lazy for that kind of dedication) but I definitely think a few of the ideas are rubbing off on me this month!

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Also on the agenda for this month is to get the ball rolling with wedding planning again. In the autumn last year after we got engaged we were really on it with looking into venues and suppliers, but once December rolled around there was far too much on our to do list so we decided to put wedding planning on the back burner.

But it’s no longer December and it’s about time we got back on the wedding train. First up are our save the dates, and we definitely need to get moving with these as Luke is designing them. His day job is as a graphic designer so I know the changes and tweaks are going to be never ending until he’s happy with them. Fingers crossed we actually get them out in time before our wedding!

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shirt – NEW LOOK  |  jeans – TOPSHOP  |  belt – ASOS

bag – ACCESSORIZE  |  shoes – CONVERSE via ASOS

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Here’s to a productive January! What do you have on your agenda for this month?

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