Hello 2019 – New Year, New Goals

Well here we are in 2019. I still don’t quite believe that’s the real year, it seems like a space age date in the future to me, and how it’s been 10 years since I left school I do not know. But here we are nonetheless. 2018 was most certainly not my most productive blog year with the fewest posts in the six years since I started.

As I mentioned here, this was partly due to my lack of desire to create new content before I migrated to WordPress. Then the latter half of the year, my spare time was dominated by a change in job, leaving me with less headspace and time to dedicate to my shiny new blog.

But it’s about time I made the most of my fresh blog and actually put out some consistent new posts because I really enjoy it and I miss it. So 2019, let’s be ‘avin ya!

For 2019 I don’t want to set resolutions, instead I have a few new year goals to achieve and plans I’d like to make happen. I find the idea of ‘resolutions’ creates too much pressure to stick to them and you end up feeling disheartened if you don’t keep to it in the first month. Then you inevitably give up because what’s the point if you haven’t done it through January. Goals on the other hand I feel are more of a long term plan and give you the whole year to work on them. This is probably just a mental thing, but that’s how I’m looking at it for 2019! So without further ado, here are a few I’m working on.


See more of the UK – I put a lot of emphasis on visiting places around the world but this year I’d like to make an effort to see more of what’s a little closer to home. Even if I visit one new place in 2019, I’ll consider that a success, but a few places on my list are the Cotswolds, Yorkshire, Dublin, the Lake District and pretty much the whole of Scotland.

Read 12 books – Something that has come with a change in job is a change in commute. Instead of a 40 minute drive, I now have a 40 minute train journey, which awards me with one hour and 20 minutes prime reading time every day. I’m going to aim to utilise this bonus time to get stuck into a good book or 12.

Continue improving my skincare routine – Last year I started properly refining my daily skincare routine and figuring out what works for my skin and what doesn’t. I’ve got my morning routine nailed and do it pretty much every single day, it’s now just my evening routine and products I need to stick to.

Get our finances under control – I’m ashamed to say that we didn’t quite keep a close enough eye on this last year so a fresh new year means time to evaluate everything and clear those credit cards. That’s not to say we’re in a bad position, it’s more a case of checking those payment dates and sticking to them!

Remember birthdays – Sending cards and saying happy birthday on time is not my forte I’ll admit, but it’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot in recent months and I really want to make a concerted effort to send out cards to my loved ones on their special days this year so that they know they’re important to me.

Date nights – A simple one but one we don’t do enough. This year me and Luke need to put down our phones and laptops at least once a week and just spend the evening together, whether that’s out on the town or cosied up at home.


There’s probably a few more goals I could add in, but for now I’ll leave it there! Bring it on twenty nineteen, I’m ready for ya.

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