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Originally I had intended the premise of this post to be about the end of summer but after seeing a few articles, such as Dolly Alderton’s, and Liv Purvis’ Instagram post, the idea of starting afresh in a ‘back to school’ way really resonated with me so here we are with my thoughts and feelings on that notion.


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The end of August for me often signals the closing of my favourite season for another year, and I feel saddened by the thought of closing off prospect of a BBQ for the foreseeable future, all the unworn summer dresses I have yet to don, and the long balmy nights that feel so full of optimism and opportunity. Spring and summer make my heart feel alive and every March/April I live for the day I start to see green trees and flowers sprouting up. Autumn and winter on the other hand just feel like a long old slog back to my favourite time of year. Apart from Christmas of course. I am undoubtedly jumping for joy throughout most of December so that is one glimmer of hope until summer comes back around again.


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I think this feeling comes hand in hand with adult responsibilities because I don’t recall ever feeling like this every September when I was going back to school. Whilst you’re in education you get to have a long wonderful summer doing pretty much whatever you want for 6+ weeks. When it comes to September, you’re ready for a new challenge and a new year after a summer filled with adventures and/or sitting on your butt 24/7.


But when you’re an adult, ‘summer holidays’ are a distant memory and the best most of us can hope for is a two week holiday sandwiched somewhere in there. Aside from that, for those of us working a 9-5, it’s having to hope that the weekends and evenings provide us with that injection of sun and opportunity to get out and enjoy the season. Sadly some years have been a complete and utter wash out, leaving me feeling as though I didn’t really have a summer.


Luckily, this summer has blessed the UK with some rather beautiful weather. It may have been cursed by some but I relished every single second because I knew it wouldn’t last forever, and the feeling of sun on my bones, bare legs and no jackets is one of my favourites. I think this burst of hot weather has helped a little in easing the ‘back to school’ September blues this year as it feels as though we really got to enjoy summer in the UK.


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Coming back to my original point, whilst I hadn’t really thought about it until I read Dolly’s article, I definitely am starting this first week of September with a renewed ‘back to school’ sense of mind. As you may have read, I have rejuvenated my blog in recent weeks and am coming at it with a fresh set of eyes and a new love for my ‘little space on the internet’. To help me with this I have dusted off one of the many unused notebooks I have accumulated and started myself a blog planner to store all my ideas, plan out all my content and keep a track of how I’m doing. I want to see some progression and improvement with my content so the only way to find out is to start taking note! And in true back to school style, I actually bought myself some colourful new pens to get creative in it, I always was a sucker for a new set of stationery for a new term. I’m not ashamed to admit that at one time I had 6 pencil cases in my desk at school. Girl gotta have those pencil options.


Secondly, I haven’t been to my trampolining class (which I expressed a love for back in May) for about two weeks due to various things getting in the way but tonight I booked myself in and got back into the swing of it. I’ve cleared out my emails and all the random bookmarks I have stored on my browser that I no longer need which felt like a real cleansing. I’ve made a start on wedding planning and booked in a bunch of wedding viewings, all of which have been written on the calendar in the kitchen and on my calendar on my phone, something I have never ever used. And I’ve started to make a few positive steps in other areas of my life that hopefully will start to make some changes that I need for my own wellbeing.



All in all, a new leaf has been turned over, the pencils have been sharpened, plans have been made, and I have that new term attitude ready to take on the rest of 2018. Here’s to it being a positive end to the year, I’m strolling into it with a new spring in my step.


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