The Passing Of Time


It’s been just over a year since my Life Lately post where I spoke about a big event in my life. The photos today were taken in the same place as the photo in that post, a year has come full circle and physically I am back in the same place.


Mentally I’m not. I’ve had a year to deal with it and process and I’m feeling much stronger than I was this time last year. I just can’t believe it’s already been over a year, time passes by so much quicker than you think.


One sentiment about grief I heard this year that has really stuck with me is that grief doesn’t necessarily get any easier, but it’s the people around you who love you help you to keep moving forward and living your life to the best that you can. I always feel as though people who haven’t dealt with grief or experience grief in a different way to me expect that at one point in the future you will be fine and you won’t grieve anymore. I’ve never felt that is the case. In my life grief is an on-going thing that changes and can some days be easier, and some days hit you like a tonne of bricks. It’s not just a light switch that you can turn off when you decide. Once I heard the sentiment above, that pretty much summed up how I feel about my grief for everyone I have lost and finally felt like there was acknowledgement of how I have felt since I started experiencing grief when I was 14.


And as I said last year, I’m so very grateful to have the people around me who love me to help me keep moving forward and enjoying life.



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