Do I Need To Have Something To Talk About?


I’ve been sat here trying to think of what to write for best part of half an hour.

Fur Coat Snow-11
Fur Coat Snow-4

Back when I started *reading* fashion blogs in around 2011 it was all about the outfit and the photos. There wasn’t too many what I like to call ‘thought pieces’. Surrounding outfit photos anyway. Outfit photos on the blogs I was reading tended to just have content talking about the outfit itself.


Anything more thought provoking or conversational was usually not accompanied by outfit photos. But in blogging now, especially for the blogs I like to look at, that seems to have changed a lot.

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All of the blogs I love to look at and read mix beautiful outfit photos with conversational, article-like topics. It gives you even more of a reason to spend longer on the blog and adds a little extra depth to the post.


But it gets me to thinking (and worrying), if I don’t have anything to say right now and I purely just want to show the photos of my outfit, is that enough? Is outfit photography and a little chat about what things I like in the look enough for blogging in 2018?


This is something that stresses me out a lot these days. If I don’t have anything to say will anyone want to read my blog? This is turn means I spend ages not putting together posts because I don’t know what to write about.

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I also worry that my writing abilities aren’t up to scratch to engage a reader. So many of the wonderful blogs I read have such an awesome written voice that make me feel engaged with the post and as though I know the person writing it so well. But do I have that? Can I do that?


Another thing that stresses me out.

Fur Coat Snow-30
Fur Coat Snow-8


coat – VINTAGE  |  jumper – H&M  |  jeans – H&M  |  hat – ASOS


Fur Coat Snow-20
Fur Coat Snow-30

So today I didn’t have anything I wanted to say other than it was snowing and I wanted to get out and take some snaps and have fun in the snow.


And I hope that’s enough for you today. Because while there may not be much substance to this post, hopefully scrolling through the photos was interesting enough.


That’s how I’m gonna play it from now on I think. If I have something to chat about or something on my mind, I’ll do my best to write about it. If not, I’ll just show you a few snaps and a few words about why I loved my outfit enough to share it with you. Because one thing’s for sure, as we all know, blogging most definitely isn’t a one size fits all kinda thing and you shouldn’t copy someone else’s blog just because you like it. Do it your own way and figure out what suits you!

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