When Life Throws You A Curveball


Recently there has been an aspect of my life that has been hugely getting me down and generally making me feel pretty crap. It’s one of those situations where you put time and effort into something and end up getting nothing out of it. You spend so much time worrying about it and stressing to get it right but then it ends up being a complete waste of time and you think why did I bother?


Life always has ups and downs but right now its left me feeling pretty down and devalued.



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On one particular evening when I was feeling pretty crappy and sorry for myself, Luke and I decided to watch a couple of Reggie Yates Insider documentaries on BBC iPlayer. The topics of these include things like life on a toxic waste dump in Ghana and life as an inmate in prison.


As I sat there watching, it really put my problems into perspective and made me think you know what, shit could be a whole lot worse. I am so privileged to live the life I do and to have the opportunities I do purely by being born in the UK, into the family I was born into. I have so many things to be grateful for and so many things I can look forward to, a luxury not afforded to so many people in the world.


I am lucky for the life I live and even though one aspect right now may be not so great, there are so many other great things in my life.



While we all have problems and things that make us feel pretty shitty some days, it just gave me a bit of a kick in the face to appreciate the good things. And remember that this bad aspect, I have the opportunity to hopefully change for the better to build a better future for myself and that is such a luxury and thing to be grateful for.


As my new favourite motivational quote says ‘If life throws you a curveball, pick up a bat and swing’. And I’m gearing myself up to swing, swing, swing my heart out.

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