Gingham Blues


Back in the summer months gingham was absolutely everywhere. With so much to choose from on the high street I struggled to decide which pieces and colours were for me. You can’t go wrong with a classic black check or a traditional picnic blanket blue so anything like this was high on my gingham shopping list. I did order a few things but ending up sending them back because I didn’t like the fit or shape. One thing that didn’t go back is this little beauty of a dress.


I spotted it on ASOS and wasn’t sure whether to make it mine or not, but after seeing it on a few of my favourite bloggers I knew I had to have it. Even though it was described as a ‘beach dress’ it works perfectly fine as a day dress and with its loose cotton material it was the absolute dream for scorching hot days in Barcelona.



dress – ASOS  |  bag – ZARA  |  shoes – TESCO



Sadly now summer is over, my gingham purchases will have to be relegated to the back of the wardrobe, lying in wait for next year when the warmer weather will roll back around. Excuse me while I mourn the end of summer for the millionth time *silently weeps*


Fingers crossed gingham is in for SS18 so I can don this little number again, and because I think a smidge of yellow check and a pinch of red check is what my wardrobe is crying out for. And hey, why not stretch to green too! I rocked it at age five at school so why not now eh?



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