An Austrian Wedding

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After winding our way through the High Alpine Road fog we finally found our way to the ultimate destination and reason for our road trip, Zell Am See.

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We arrived on the Thursday evening, the wedding set for Saturday. With the weather clouded over and driving rain starting, we didn’t have much hopes for any sunshine, but like true Brits we carried on regardless.


On Friday morning we had planned to take the Schmittenhohe cable car to the top of the mountain. However when we woke up the fog had completely closed in and it was raining so we weren’t sure how much of a good idea it would be.


But you know what, sometimes all you need is the people you’re with to have a fun time. So myself, Luke, the bride, the groom, the other bridesmaid and her boyfriend set off on a hike in the rain across the mountain. We even took a chair lift ride in the freezing cold rain. The absolute definition of crazy British people.


Despite being frozen to my core and soggy and wet, I had one of the most fun mornings with my friends. It really is who you’re with that makes the memories, terrible weather or not.


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After our wet and windy walk we headed back to our rooms to dry off before popping out for a quick lunch. Then spent the rest of the day practicing our speech and preparing for the wedding!

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The day of my best friend’s wedding came and went in a whirlwind and I didn’t get much chance to take any photos so I only have a few to share.


Again the weather wasn’t on our side but despite that, we had the most wonderful day. It was so perfect seeing one of my oldest friends marry someone who makes her very happy.


Zell Am See-5
Zell Am See-6

They had put on a few surprises for us during the day including a shooting session. Dressed in all my bridesmaid glamour, I sat down and shot a gun.


And then hopped on a train car to be whisked to the lake to enjoy a boat ride and a spot of wedding cake.


Zell Am See-7

I don’t even have any photos of the venue itself but if you want to have a nosy then it is called Schloss Prielau in Zell Am See, Austria.


A fantastic day spent with friends in the most beautiful setting, and I am so grateful I was asked to be there to share it with them.


Zell Am See-10

The day after the wedding we set off to make our way back to the UK. We stayed overnight in Karlsruhe, about half way home, but before leaving Austria we had to make one last stop. Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave.


Set into the mountain side, this is the world’s largest ice cave. Another grey and grizzly day, it was a hard, cold slog uphill to make it to the cave. If you look at the photo below you can just about see the entrance to the cave.


Sadly we couldn’t take any photos inside so I can only describe to you what it was like. I felt as though we had stepped into another world. It was completely dark in there apart from the hand held gas lamps you carry and when your guide stops and lights up the ice with burning magnesium, creating an other-worldly glow.


Zell Am See-12

It was a cold and dark walk 1.4km into the cave but so worth it. I’ve never seen anything like it and would definitely recommend a visit if you’re in the area. But just note that the photos on google don’t exactly look like what you see as they show it much lighter inside that what you can actually see. Regardless of this, it is definitely a wonder to be seen.



And with that, this is my final Europe road trip post. A wonderful trip that I am so glad we took. There’s nothing quite like exploring the world in a car with your favourite person.


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