A Fairytale Town & Disappearing In The Clouds

Oberammergau & Grossglockner-9

After spending the day exploring fairytale castles, it was time to spend the night in a town painted with fairytales.

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After reading about Oberammergau on Rosie’s blog I was desperate to make it a stop on our road trip to Austria. When I saw how close it was to Linderhof Castle (about 10 minutes drive), I knew it was the perfect place to stay for the night.

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The majority of the buildings in this little town are painted with the most incredible designs depicting stories, fairytales and ornate architectural features. We spent the whole evening wandering around taking photos and constantly saying to one another ‘ooh look at that one!’


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To reward ourselves after all of our walking and snapping we decided to grab an ice cream from the only dessert place we could find on TripAdvisor that was still open; Eiscafe Paradiso. When we arrived the queue was out of the door so we figured we were probably onto a winner.


Safe to say it was the dreamiest of ice creams. 10 out of 10. Would recommend.


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After winding our weary way to bed (Luke went straight to sleep, I stayed up for a while researching for the rest of the trip and removing my tan. Priorities.) the next morning we were up bright and early again, ready to head off to our next destination, the High Alpine Road.

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It’s a 48km stretch of road that winds through the mountains and allows you to see the Grossglockner peak. Named as one of the best roads in Europe, it costs around €30 for the day and has parking spots along the route so you can stop and enjoy the view.


Annoyingly after some route diversions on the way, we arrived later than planned and didn’t have a lot of time to stop off at every opportunity but we did make the most of what we could.


Oberammergau & Grossglockner-15
Oberammergau & Grossglockner-14

At the lookout spot for the Grossglockner there is a whole visitor centre with exhibitions, a shop and a restaurant. Sadly it was all closing soon after we got there around 5pm so we didn’t get much chance to explore but if we ever get the opportunity to visit again I will definitely make time to spend a while here.


Oberammergau & Grossglockner-18

After dashing around the Grossglockner lookout we headed off to continue north on the road towards our final destination for the day. As we drove, the weather started to change from blue skies and warmth to something much less favourable.


Nearing the end of the route we wanted to visit ‘Bikers Point’ which is the highest section of road but when we arrived at the turn off we could barely see a few feet in front of us because of the fog that had enveloped us. Regardless we carried on up the hill in the fog. It was the narrowest, scariest drive I have ever been on as we had no idea when we would meet another car driving in the opposite direction or how far the drop was.


Nearer the top we the fog started to clear and we began to be able to see the beautiful views below. The scary drive was 100% worth it.


Oberammergau & Grossglockner-19


After a few minutes at the top, the eerie fog began to close in around us and all of a sudden we couldn’t see a thing. Probably one of the freakiest but coolest things I’ve ever experienced.


For the remainder of the drive sadly we couldn’t see much due to the complete cloud cover but we carried on to our final destination for the day, Zell Am See. Ready for the wedding of the year!


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