Honey I Shrunk The Dress



As usual, its taken me a while to get these outfit shots up on my blog. They were taken at the end of July in Barcelona but after possibly the busiest month ever in August, I’m only just finding time to get them posted. Time flies when you’re a dedicated bridesmaid!




After a hen do, my mum’s birthday and a trip to Austria for my best friend’s wedding, August flew by in no time at all and I feel as though the whirlwind lack of summer of 2017 was over in a split second. But I’m still here with quite a few summery outfits to post so it will remain summer on my blog for a little while longer.


Hopefully things will start to quieten down for the rest of the year and I can knuckle down into my blog again. Fingers crossed anyway. I’ve made so many promises this year for my blog that I haven’t had time for. I really don’t know how people work 9-5, have a social life, do all your housework, run a blog, exercise and have time to chill out and watch all the best TV shows. Big admiration to anyone doing all of that right now.



But anyway, to the dress! I adored this little Missguided number the moment it arrived and couldn’t wait to wear it in Barcelona. After (as I like to call it) free-boobin’ for the night I was actually a little shocked at the amount of people looking at my chest. Who knew not wearing a bra would get so much interest. And I’m not even that heavily blessed in that area!


I have got to say, while feeling a little self conscious at first, it did feel good not to have the discomfort of a bra for the evening! If only it was more the norm!



Dress – Missguided  |  Bag – Zara  |  Sandals – Tesco



And finally I must mention the title of this post. Yes, sadly this dress did shrink in the wash when I got home. Despite following the care label instructions it shrunk to an unbelievably tight size. Luckily after sending photos Missguided did agree to refund me for the dress.


Maybe stupidly I reordered the dress when I saw it was back in stock. I just love it so much and I didn’t want to not be able to wear it again. Hopefully if I just hand wash cold next time that’ll be fine? Keep your fingers crossed for me eh? But they might be crossed ’til next summer when I get an opportunity to wear this baby again. Pesky Britain and its non-existent summer!



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