Building A Garden Bar Cart


Back in May I worked on a big project for our garden; a bar cart! I found the tutorial for it on Pinterest and desperately wanted one for our home so set about making it.


Safe to say it was not an easy or quick process! It took me a couple of weeks working on it in the evenings and weekends, and enlisting Luke to help me with drilling it together in order to put it complete it. But I finally finished it back in June and I love it so much!



I filmed the whole process of me making it and all the pieces I chose to decorate it with and popped up a video on my YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago. This week I realised I hadn’t mentioned it at all on my blog and as I’m so pleased with the outcome I figured I’d make a quick little post about it.


Check out the video below to see the whole process or click to watch it on YouTube for all the links in the description box!




Do you have any home DIY projects you’re really proud of?


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