My Favourite Summer Bag Dupe



I did originally have another post planned for tonight but when this arrived in the post I wanted to blog about it as soon as physically possible.



I have honestly wanted the Cult Gaia bag that’s all over Instagram for so so SO long, but with the £100 price tag I really couldn’t justify buying it as I didn’t know how much wear I would get out of it, and the fact that I’m broke AF most of the time.


But one day when browsing around the internet I suddenly had the idea to give eBay a look. They often have pretty good dupes of various shoes, bags and jewellery so I thought why not have a browse for this bag. If you type in ‘bamboo bag’ quite a few come up, mostly around the £30-£40 mark. As a lot of them were imported from the other side of the world I was a bit wary of spending that much in case it turned up and looked nothing like the pictures. Then I spotted this one for £22.78.


The seller even had a ‘make offer’ option so I decided to give it a shot of getting it even cheaper and ended up buying it for £20.50! I was still a little worried it may arrive in the post and be rubbish but I can assure you it most certainly is not and I am absolutely delighted with it!


Another great thing was that the estimate delivery was from 2nd August to 2nd September due to the distance it had to travel, but after ordering it on the 8th July it arrived yesterday in the post. So delivery didn’t even take as long as the estimate which I was uber chuffed with too. The only problem was the post man took it back to the post office so I had to wait a day to collect it which left me in suspense as to whether my purchase was worth it.


But today when I picked it up and opened the box I was unbelievably surprised how good it was. I’ve never bought a full on dupe from eBay or anywhere else so I was very dubious about the quality and if it would be similar enough to the photos on eBay. I am now officially converted! Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be buying glaringly fake Louis Vuitton bags from eBay or anything like that, but if a little dupe like this exactly fits the bill then that is fantastic news for me.


If you want to snap up one for yourself you can find it here on eBay.


Now please excuse me while I go and stare at my new favourite thing. Oh and pack for Barcelona which I leave for in precisely 8 hours and haven’t packed a single thing. Pray for me.


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