Do I Have A Personal Style?


Two blog posts in two weeks?? What is this madness?!


I actually managed to get my butt (and Luke’s butt) up and out to take a few outfit snaps this week, which feels so alien at the moment. I’m so out of practice with the whole blog photo thing that I don’t really know what to do with myself and need to get out of the feeling awkward stage again.



Aside from that, I really miss blogging so I definitely want to get back into the swing of it again but I’m just trying to figure out what I want from it at the moment.


I look at so many other people’s blogs and adore their blog layout, or their sense of style, or their photography, or their writing and just think right so what do I want my blog to say about me? I think for the next few months my blog is just going to have to be a bit of a hit and miss because I don’t really know what I want my personal blog style to be, and a little trial and error is needed.


Starting off with the photography. Now I can’t afford to upgrade to one of those fancy Canon Mark whatevers, but I have a good DSLR and a boyfriend who did photography at A Level, and enjoys taking landscape snaps. (You can check out his insta to see what I mean). The tough bit is getting him to enjoy taking blog photos for me, which is something he’s never that into. I definitely do not have a willing ‘Instagram Boyfriend’. But after a bit of chatting with him he’s said he is willing to try a bit harder with me and help ‘art direct’ the photos, so that’s a start I suppose!


Check one on the personal style list – photography: in progress.



The next thing I need to figure out is blog layout. Another thing I have to rope an unwilling boyfriend into. What’s a boyfriend good for if you can’t use them for all their talents eh?


My blog has pretty much looked the same since I started it and I reckon its about time for an update. I love the more magazine-y look blogs with sections of ‘shop my wardrobe’ and latest YouTube videos etc etc. I don’t know exactly how I want it to look yet but I’m about ready to draw up some plans and get started on them. Fingers crossed a new look is coming your way in the next couple of months!


Check two on the personal style list – layout: must start soon!



Jacket – Missguided (similar)  |  Dress – ASOS (old) (similar)  |  Sunglasses – New Look

Necklace – H&M (similar)  |  Bag – Zara  |  Sandals – Tesco



One of the most important things is my personal style. I’ve read several blog posts and watched a few videos recently about the notion of ‘personal style’ and I found myself sitting there thinking ‘Do I have a personal style?’. Would someone see something in a shop and think ‘oh that is so Robyn!’, or when I wear something am I wearing it for the sake of my own style or just because it’s in fashion?


After having a little ponder I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t think I do have a ‘personal style’ per se (correct me if you think I’m wrong though!). For example I don’t stick to a certain era-inspired style, or a certain shape of clothing, or one colour/lack of colour. I’m not edgy and that’s fine, I’m not high fashion and that’s fine, and I’m not sexy and that’s fine. So I would say none of those descriptions are my ‘personal style’ but I also don’t think I would define myself in a box.


I do follow trends on blogs, Instagram and in the shops, but I only wear clothes I think suit my body. I don’t wear trends for trends sake. Case in point; mules. Those babies look gorgeous on every blog and Instagram I see them on, but after trying approx 35378261 pairs (or thereabouts) on, I just don’t like them on me. And thats a cross I just have to bear (or something less dramatic along those lines).


When I wake up in the morning I just whack on whatever for work, but for the evenings and weekends when I do put effort into my appearance, I just choose whatever I feel like wearing. One day I could be really girly, another day I could be really casual in Vans and an Obey t-shirt. Just whatever is tickling my pickling that day is what I put on.


That’s what I love about fashion and clothing, you can decide whoever you want to be and whatever image you want to portray to the world just by what you’re wearing.


So I may not have a set definition of my ‘personal style’, but I do know when an outfit makes me feel good. And whether thats mega feminine or mega casj, that’s fine by me!


Check three on the personal style list – sense of style: happy with where I’m at and open to all new things!



But one thing I do know about my blog and online presence ‘personal style’ is that I’m all about the colour and smiling in photos.


Gurrrrl cannot do that moody, intense gaze, or that sexual stare. I’m ultra jealous of all the mega babes that can pull it off and look aahhhmaze doing so, but I just cannot. I’d look like I’d lost my marbles or I was thinking about what to have for my tea probably. Smiling is what makes me happiest with my photos so that is the way it’s gonna stay!


And when it comes to colour, give it all to me! An all-white Instagram theme is not the one for me. And an all monochrome wardrobe? Nah, ain’t nobody got time for that! Don’t get me wrong, I adore certain Instagrammers and bloggers who have a certain colour schemed aesthetic, but unfortunately for my own self, I’m just not about that life. Colour all the way baby!


Check four on the personal style list – face & colour: tick tick tick done!


Have you defined your own personal style?


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