To Puffer or Not To Puffer?


When the puffer coat trend came around, I initially wasn’t too sure about it.


But do you know what, it’s damn good to be warm!


I am eternally cold and am always complaining about it so it feels so nice to be wrapped up so toasty warm. This coat is honestly like walking around in a duvet, without the awkward stares from passers-by.



I’m not really too sure why I opted for a white puffer coat, it just seemed to catch my eye on the Zara website when I was looking for one. My final decision was between this one and a very similar Uniqlo one, but in the end this one pipped it to the post. Even Luke was impressed with my decision to actually buy a warm coat, he’s always moaning that I only buy fashion coats then moan that I’m cold, so this even passed the boyfriend test for once!




Unfortunately as all the shops have put their Winter clothing into the sales, this isn’t available on the Zara website any longer. (note to shops; you do realise it’s still minus degrees and nobody is wanting their Summer stuff yet yeah?)


As I sadly can’t send you over to have a look at this coat if you fancy it for yourself, I’ve picked out a couple of others that tickle my pickle instead. I would buy them all too but the January purse is bled dry and puffer coats take up a hella load of wardrobe space. Go figure.



coat – ZARA | jeans – H&M | jumper – ASOS | hat – NEW LOOK | shoes – CONVERSE



I love love love this bronze number from Missguided, and the navy version is rather beaute too, if you want to keep it all toasty warm from your neck to your knees, a long’un is the way to go.


Velvet. Puffer. Coat. Legit my three favourite words of this Winter season, meaning that this Next option is high up on my wish list.


I’ve also got my eyes on a few shorter, bright jackets. Namely this New Look one, and this Urban Outfitters one. The perfect way to brighten up these dreary months.



What do you think of the puffer coat trend?

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