My Winter Staples


Throughout the Winter so far, this outfit has been my go-to look.


I’ve worn it more times than is probably ok, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! It’s just the perfect weekend casual look to stay warm and still feel a little stylish rather than a walking roly-poly covered in layers.



I mentioned this coat in my 2016 favourites video as it really hasn’t left my side since I bought it towards the end of last year. 100% a staple in my wardrobe this Winter. A smart camel coat goes with everything and adds a little bit of colour to your look unlike say, a black coat. Don’t get me wrong though, I love a good black coat too, but I feel as though a great camel coat gives a touch of smart without being too formal.



And when Winter comes around, my obsession with scarves and hats rears its head. This year I have been quite restrained, but I did have to treat myself to this gorgeous baby pink number. It’s super cosy, mega long and I’ve worn it pretty much all the time. You can’t go wrong with a really good scarf!


These boots were my treat to myself back in October and I didn’t actually wear them until November because I kinda forgot I bought them after I came back from our holiday. Oops! When I finally did slip them on I remembered why I wanted them in my wardrobe so much. I bought them because I thought they were a pretty good dupe for the famous Balenciaga boots I’ll never be able to afford. Turns out, they’re pretty comfy too! And they keep your feet surprisingly warm. Winner winner.



coat – NEW LOOK | scarf – ASOS | bag – STRADIVARIUS | jeans – H&M | sweatshirt – H&M | boots – RIVER ISLAND



Although I said I’ve worn this outfit so many times, I’ll probably wear it a few times more before Winter is over. So if you see me anywhere don’t tell anyone, we’ll just keep it our little secret.


What are your Winter clothing staples?


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