Hello 2017

Well hello there blog, my old friend.


As you can probably see, I’ve been quite absent around these parts over the last month (admittedly longer than that in terms of real commitment and regularity). Nonetheless I am back to say hello and I’ve missed you little ol’ blog o’mine.


2016 was a very busy year in my personal life and my blog definitely took a backseat. But today I spent some time looking at some of my favourite blogs and it made me realise how much I have missed taking photos for my own blog, and how much it made me push myself in terms of what I wear, and the satisfying feeling of working on something just for me. The inspiration and motivation I’ve been lacking for my blog has started to seep back in after seeing so many of my favourite blogs doing so well and kicking ass in the blogging world.


I’ve read quite a few roundup posts on other blogs over the past couple of days and I decided it’s about time I got my butt into gear and got on with my own. So here goes nothin’!


The main reasons I’ve been so absent and scatty on my blog are definitely good ones I am delighted to say. If you haven’t read any of my previous posts about it or seen any of my videos then you may have missed that me and Luke moved into our very first house together this year. Probably one of my favourite things to ever happen. However this meant the former half of the year our weekends were spent searching for, and viewing houses. Then after getting the keys in July, the latter half of the year has been spent making it our own little space, buying furniture and doing it up. With all my thoughts consumed in that, my blog never made it to the top of my priority list. But I wouldn’t change that for the world. Spending so much time with Luke making our own little home has been the most fun and exciting thing ever, and I love our little palace with all my heart. And living with my best friend all the time ain’t half bad either.


Another great reason for my absence has been the amazing travels I was able to go on last year. In May we spent 5 days in Amsterdam, in July a week in Santorini, in August 4 days in Salzburg, Austria, and in October two weeks in New England. Safe to safe, a wonderful year of travel, and 100% all trips I would do again. I don’t know how much we will be able to go away this year because of a few things we have committed our money to already. But our fingers and toes are all crossed that we can get to New York in December, and a sunny getaway in June or July. Or ya’know, if I win the lottery somehow it’ll be a 5* trip to the Maldives followed by ticking off all the hotspots on my travel bucket list. So here’s hoping eh.


Speaking of looking forward to 2017 I’ve got a few other things I’m hoping are in the pipeline. My career is definitely a big focus for this year and I really want to progress in my job and be challenged again because I’m in a bit of a rut right now. Which probably is another factor in why I lost motivation for my blog too in all honesty. Fingers crossed something good crops up career-wise in 2017.


I’d also love to improve my content for my blog and my YouTube channel. I watch so many other people’s videos and see so much gorgeous photography that it really makes me want to create my own. I definitely need to up my game in all areas. Some new equipment and a bit of a refresh are hopefully on the cards. And taking some time out to learn a better video editing program to give my videos a slightly swisher edge is well overdue.


Aside from all that there probably needs to be the cliche ‘drink more water’, ‘exercise more’, ‘take better care of myself’ type plans for the year. But let’s face it, those Christmas biscuit boxes are still piled high so any of that malarkey won’t realistically be happening until February.


2016 has definitely been a mixed year for me with my personal life being absolutely wonderful, but my professional life; not so much. In 2017 I’m hoping for a wonderful all-rounder of year, and striving to do a better job and work harder to make shit happen!


What are you hoping 2017 will bring?


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