Palm Leaf


We finally have glorious sunshine in the UK! Oh how I wish I was still at uni so I could be spending this week sat in the garden catching some rays, that pesky adult responsibility of having a job gets in the way of making the most of the British ‘Summer’.


Normally I wouldn’t brave an outfit like this in my icebox office, but with the temperatures at almost 30 degrees today, I decided to go all out bare legged. In fairness I did take tights with me in case of frost bite emergencies, and did end the day with a blanket over my legs (needs must), but I braved the whole day with bare legs at work.


I’m thinking I’m going to do it again tomorrow. This hot weather is just making me wild woman! Well ,as wild as you can get in a 9-5 air con’d to the max office job!


dress – NEW LOOK  |  bag – ZARA  |  shoes – RIVER ISLAND

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