Birthday Eats


This year when my birthday came around (9th June FYI), I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do. After a little bit of browsing around I realised a few things I’ve wanted to do for ages, and one of those things was to visit a few of those much-hyped London food street eats…



First on my list was Grill My Cheese. I can’t exactly remember where I discovered it, I think it may have been Buzzfeed, but that cheesy badboy had my name all over it.


This amazing food stall sells a range of uber indulgent toasted cheese sandwiches all with the most memorable names including Baby Got Mac, Justin Brie-ber and Jay-Cheese and Bean-once. Even just those names had me sold.



Luke and I both went for the Baby Got Mac. Organic sourdough bread, signature cheese blend, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Pulled Pork & BBQ sauce. Look at it in all its juicy glory. Oozing cheesy. Sweet and salty. My god it was good. I can’t even explain to you how much I loved it. Hands down the best toasted cheese sandwich I’ve ever had. Just look at the joy on my face…



In all the excitement you can even see the BBQ sauce I didn’t notice had dripped on my shirt. Despite that epic fail, I would hugely recommend grabbing yourself one of these dreamboats if you can. We found them at Leather Lane Market on a Thursday lunchtime. But you can find out all the info about where to find them here.



The second stop on our food hit list was something I had only read about the week before on Rosie’s blog, and you know if Rosie is recommending it, then it’s going to be pretty damn good. And the pictures on her blog had me sold from the word go, refraining from licking the screen was a tough one. The place in question is Blu Top Ice Cream Sandwiches.


This adorable little ice cream van can be found in various locations around London and makes custom-built ice cream sandwiches with homemade ice cream and cookies. There is a wide range of cookie and ice cream flavours, but only a few will be available each day so you just need to turn up and choose! All the more reason to go back and try the other flavours I reckon!



I opted for two red velvet cookies, (Luke went for one double chocolate and one red velvet), raspberry ripple ice cream and salted caramel sauce. One of the guys serving in the van assured me it would be the best raspberry ripple I had ever tried because he had made it himself, and I can verify that fact whole-heartedly. It was in-freakin-credible.


I ate every single last drop of that sandwich, and genuinely considered going back for a second one. It was that bloody good. The ice cream was soft and creamy with a tang of raspberry, the cookies were soft and crumbly and the sauce was the perfect amount of saltiness and sweet. Once again I can’t even explain how good they were. All I can tell you is to get your bum down to see them ASAP!


We found them at Kings Cross on a Thursday lunchtime, but you can find all the info on where to find them here, as they do move around. Also, the guys serving were super duper lovely and even said Happy Birthday to me! When there’s good service, I’ll definitely be going back for more!



I would say I started my 25th year in pretty good food style don’t you think?


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