Styling Thigh Highs

Once again I have been M.I.A from my blog for a while! This is mainly because once again my laptop broke, I think it’s probably from the problems I had with it back in September last year as they said they didn’t know if it would re-occur. So instead of trying to get it fixed again I have gone for a brand spanking new laptop! It works so much faster it’s unreal!


But I am back in business and ready to go with my blog again! I always feel so much more inspired and wanting to blog in Spring/Summer so hopefully I can keep on a roll with it.


To go alongside these photos I also have one of my latest videos over on my YouTube channel, How I Style Over The Knee Boots. Four different ways that I style up thigh high boots! It’s the first ever ‘how I style’ type video, so let me know if you like it and if there are any other videos like this that you would like me to do and I will get on the case!


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