A Pop of Red


These shoes are probably the last thing I found in Primark that I actually loved and wanted to buy, and that was several months ago. Has anyone else found that it hasn’t been as good recently or is that just me? That being said, these shoes are pretty beautiful so maybe I just haven’t been going to the right stores!


This is one of those outfits that was definitely built around shoes, but when they’re that gorge, it’s hard not to make centre stage. Sorry if I seem to be going off on one about my shoes, but I really am a sucker for a great pair of shoes.


The only problem I’m having at the moment is realising that the likelihood of me being able to fit all of my shoes in the size house that I can afford to buy is slim to none. Anyone got a spare few hundred grand for me to get a house big enough for shoe closet?


hat – NEW LOOK  |  t-shirt – TOPSHOP  |  jacket – ASOS
jeans – H&M  |  bag – H&M  |  shoes – PRIMARK

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