Rosie for Autograph


When I started to see the Rosie for Autograph make up range on Twitter and on various blogs in all honesty I wasn’t that bothered. I’ve never really seen Marks and Spencer as a contender for makeup so while I adore Rosie Huntington Whiteley and think her lingerie collection is gorgeous, I didn’t think the makeup was something I really needed.


That was until I saw this video by Elanna Pecherle. (She’s my new YouTube crush FYI).


At that very moment I decided I needed some of this Rosie Huntington Whiteley makeup in my life. I even bought the issue of Glamour Elanna mentions in the video that has Rosie in it because I was desperate to see which pieces Rosie mentioned as the key products. I legit became obsessed with adding a little Rosie for Autograph to my makeup collection as soon as I possibly could.


So at the first opportunity I headed down to Marks and Spencer and picked up a couple of the pieces Elanna used in her video and another that just caught my eye. I also swatched pretty much all of the other products while I was there and made myself a list on my notes on my phone of the next products I absolutely have to get.


The products that I actually picked up are the Starstruck Highlight in ‘Get the Glow’, Lipstick in ‘Camisole Blush’ and a Cream Eyeshadow Stick in ‘Movie Star Crush’. And I can already say I love them. They’re easy to use, quite subtle, and feel really high end. I adore the little rose design carved into the lipstick, and it has a super satisfying magnetic closure. It’s the little things eh!


I would highly recommend Rosie’s range from what I have tried so far, and I cannot wait to add a few more bits to my collection! Next up on my list are the Eyeshadow Quad in ‘Copper Gold Rush, the Bronzer and a few more of the lipsticks. Anything to help me pretend I’m Rosie really!


Have you tried anything from the Rosie for Autograph range?


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