Valentine’s Day Get Ready With Me

Fancy watching a person who’s not particularly skilled at applying make up attempt to beautify themselves for the annual day of love? Then step right up because I have just the video for you!


Watch me super speedily get ready for a date night out this V Day in my new video! And yes I can do my makeup that fast, it’s totally not sped up or anything *wink wink*


While this may be my ‘get ready with me’, this probably isn’t how I’m going to spend my actual Valentine’s Day, mine will probably be spent sitting at home, in cosy joggers, eating and watching TV together. But that’s what love’s all about right? Being able to do absolutely nothing together and be happy about it?


For all links and shizz etc etc just click to watch on YouTube to see the full list of all the goop I’ve put on my face.


Happy Valentine’s Day, sending love and hugs to you all!



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