Netflix Reviews: How To Get Away With Murder

I know the current Netflix hype is all about ‘Making A Murderer’, and while I have watched almost the whole of it (currently have one episode to go), today I want to chat to you about another murder show on Netflix that has been tickling my pickle…



Back in December me and my mum were having a TV night in and decided to watch a bit of Netflix. Recently both of us have been getting into murder and crime movies and TV shows so I suggested we try How To Get Away With Murder. I’d seen it mentioned a few places across the internet, read a few articles about it, and decided it looked like it was worth a try.


That try turned out to be a very good decision indeed! It is probably one of the most compelling and exciting shows I’ve watched in a long time. It’s so freakin’ good!


The show is based around a law lecturer and her college class entitled ‘How To Get Away With Murder’. Viola Davis as this lawyer, Annalise Keating, is absolutely superb. She’s tough but vulnerable and incredibly intelligent. If you really were going down for murder, you’d want her on your side.


At the start of the series she takes several of her students under her wing and in the rest of the episodes they join Annalise at her law office and work on cases she takes on. I’m also a huge fan of Suits so this part of How To Get Away With Murder was totally up my street, I love seeing how the lawyers work things out to get a conviction or get the person acquitted. I wish my mind worked that fast and could put all the facts together!


Underlying the individual episode stories are a series of flash forwards to a murder that has been committed, which gradually are brought up to speed with the other timeline so that they begin to make sense. While these flash forwards/flash backs (depending on which timeline you consider the main story) can be slightly confusing to begin with, it all starts to make more sense by the second or third episode. I really don’t want to give any of it away by saying any more!


It’s one of those great series that every episode ends on a cliffhanger and leaves you wanting more. There are so many twists and turns and it keeps you guessing until the very end, I never would have thought of the conclusion of it. It’s just so good!


I honestly can’t sing the praises of this show enough, it’s just brilliant. I raved about it so much at work that it convinced my friend Zoe to binge watch it over the course of a couple of days, she’s now a massive fan too. I also think I may have persuaded a couple of my other friends over the weekend to try watching it too. So basically I’m trying to get everyone that hasn’t watched it to try it. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you do!


Have you watched it already? Or are you thinking of giving it a go now?

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