A Little Pinterest Home-spiration


I don’t really post much about interiors because in all honesty, I haven’t had too much to do with them in the past because I’ve never really decorated anywhere apart from my own bedroom. And even that is pretty small so there’s not much to work with.


But if you follow me on Twitter then you may know that me and Luke are currently searching for our first home together and I could not even explain how excited I am. We’ve been together around 6 years, so it’s about bladdy time we got our own place, and thankfully we are finally in a position where we can start looking. There isn’t much on the market at the moment but I am on Zoopla and Rightmove every day checking, so hopefully something lovely comes up soon!


Until then I am spending my days on Pinterest dreaming of the decorating I can do when I finally have a house so I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite pins I’ve stumbled upon.


The main problem I’m having right now is that I’m an incredibly impatient person, I just want a house right now to start doing up and making mine!


Oh and you can check out everything I’ve been pinning here.



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