Exploring Yosemite Valley


Following our first amazing day in Yosemite, we originally had the idea of going on another hike, but after getting a glimpse of the village and viewpoints the day before, we set out for our second ┬ápark day exploring Yosemite Valley by car…


Before we left the hotel we made sure we took a few last photo memories. While the hotel’s decor was a bit dated, it was perfectly comfortable and huge as you can see. I would definitely recommend staying there if you want something reasonably priced, close to the park and comfy.


Our first port of call when we arrived in Yosemite Village was the museum we had spotted the day before.


Even though we didn’t get to go into Mariposa Grove with the giant trees, here’s how wide the trees can be there. Seeing this piece of a tree made me want to see them even more! Definitely on my to do list for next time!


The museum was all about the Indian communities that lived in the Yosemite valley, with artefacts and their history. It’s free to enter and it was really interesting to learn a little about the history of the area. Behind the museum is a reconstruction of an Indian village which we had a little wander around. There’s also a cemetery nearby if you fancy a visit!


Our final stop in the village was the main store, to stock up on snacks for the journey and get our all important souvenirs!


A short walk from the main centre of the village is Yosemite Falls, the famous waterfall. I know, I know, where is it?! Well we think this is where it should be, the falls dry up by September so the falls weren’t really falling. So we think they’re roughly here, but we can’t be too sure. Another thing I want to see on another trip (I really had better start planning when this supposed trip is going to happen! Definitely not until after 2017 when Mariposa Grove reopens though). Peak flow is in May so if you want to see them in all their glory make sure you book a trip around that time of year.


To get out of the park we decided to go via a few viewpoints we had read about online and caught a glimpse of on the coach up to Glacier Point the previous day. The great thing about Yosemite is all of the amazing viewpoints have a designated free parking area, so you can always stop to get your snaps or even for a spot of packed lunch!


The first place we parked up at was Valley View. It’s such a shame it’s so hazy in the pictures, the day before had glorious sunshine but we didn’t have a chance to go and take any pictures so all our snaps don’t show the place in it’s full beauty. Yet again, I’ll have to save that for the next trip!


The final stop in the park was Tunnel View. Again, it looked gloriously, wonderfully, fantabulous the day before when we drove past. This photo doesn’t do it justice. Just take my word for it, or Google image search ‘Yosemite Tunnel View’. Go and do it now, then come back.

Bloody fantastic isn’t it. I need to go back!

But for now, we were heading back out to the coast for another completely different adventure.


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