California Blues & An Update

Before I went on my holiday to California for just over two weeks, I scheduled a few posts and mentioned that my laptop had just died and I didn’t know when it would be fixed by. Well I’ve now been home since the 23rd September and I am still minus a laptop. Sorting it out with the insurance and managing to get Apple store appointments is proving long and difficult. So I have no idea when I will be replacing my laptop.

I vlogged the trip and have a ridiculous amount of photos that I want to post but without a laptop that isn’t going to be happening. I’ve managed to borrow Luke’s laptop to put this short little post up but I don’t think there will be much going up on the blog until I manage to sort out a replacement for my broken laptop. Fingers crossed I can get things sorted soon so I can start all my editing and posting!

It was literally one of the best holidays ever and we are already planning things we want to do for the next time we go back so it’s safe to say I am still in major holiday blues mode!

Also, I didn’t know what photo to use with this post so I thought I would go with a picture of my first ever In N’ Out burger, aka my new fave burger place. Get me back to Cali!


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