Netflix Reviews: Sense8

On this little blog of mine I have dabbled in a few film reviews here and there, but not to much extent. But I keep reading posts about making your blog original and specific to you and your interests. And as you may know if you’re a regular around here or my YouTube channel then you will know that I’m not really the most experienced or passionate beauty person, so I don’t do too much of that on my blog. One thing I am hugely interested in and passionate about is TV and movies, so I want to start trying to incorporating a bit more of that into my blog.

I won’t by any means be fore-going the fashion because shoes and clothes are what I live for (well, and my family and friends yada yada, obvs), but hopefully I can add a little more of my fave thing onto my little blawgg!

The first thing I want to chat to you about in this new vein of posts is a Netflix series I just finished watching. If you read my ‘What’s On My Netflix List‘ post a couple of weeks ago then you will know that I had been meaning to try a recent Netflix Original series, Sense8. And that I did over the past week or two, and here are a few of my thoughts.

It basically focuses on a group of 8 people around the world who all of a sudden become telepathically linked and can communicate and use one another’s abilities and experience what each other is experiencing. In a nutshell.

I didn’t really know what to expect from the series as I didn’t know any of the actors in it and hadn’t really heard too much about it. To begin with, I felt that the stories of the characters were really disconnected and hard to relate to. The only one I really liked was Will, a Chicago cop (he’s pretty cute so y’know, hard not to like him). After about 4 episodes I was contemplating giving up on it because I still wasn’t getting much from it. By this point I was kind of expecting them to know more about each other, and how to control their links and why they were linked. It all seemed really disjointed and separate, I wasn’t rooting for anyone even though I really wanted to.

However around episode 7 or 8, all that changed and I began to absolutely love it. The characters all started to connect and communicate with each other. They started helping each other and caring about one another. In short, there was more emotion and I completely started rooting for them. Also the reasons for them being linked started to become more clear and an enemy was realised.

After finishing the final episode, I am super excited for the next season and would definitely recommend it! I would also say if the first half of the series doesn’t quite grab you then do persevere as it gets awesome in the latter half! My current fave characters are Will, Wolfgang, Sun and Riley, and I can’t wait to see what happens to them next!

Have you watched Sense8? What did you think of it?


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