Five University Fresher Tips

me on my first week of uni off on a pajama bar crawl


Around this time five years ago I was getting ready to head off to Southampton (around two & a half hours from my hometown) for university. Please excuse me while I just go and scream into a pillow that that happened five whole years ago, seriously where has the time gone!

But back to the point, five years ago I was getting very nervous about moving away from home without all my friends and family, making new friends, and living with a bunch of people in halls of residence that I’d never met before. As my university experience video on YouTube is one of my most viewed, I thought I would put a little blog post up for anyone about to start uni with a few of my top tips to get you through those first few weeks if you’re feeling a little nervous.

1. Get Involved

While to some it may seem daunting to throw yourself straight into parties and hanging out with all these new people you don’t know, just remember you’re all in the same boat. And the quickest way to make friends is to get involved, if you sit in your room avoiding it, it’ll be harder a few weeks in. So just get out there, be yourself and make some friends.

2. Be Prepared For Living With Other People

The biggest shock to me was the mess of living with other people. Luckily for me I had an en-suite room and the cleaners came in and took our bins out on weekdays, but there was still a lot of mess living with other people. So if you’re not used to mess or living with a lot of other people, then prepare yourself for it a bit so it doesn’t come as too much of a shock.

3. Savour Every Moment

Being a uni fresher will fly by before you know it, so savour every single moment you get. Say yes to all the fun things you get invited to and really make the most of them. Five years down the line, my first year of university is something I think about a lot, and I really miss it. It truly was one of the best years of my life.

4. Know Your Limits

Just because it’s freshers week, or you’re trying to fit in and make friends, always know your limits. Don’t be peer pressured into drinking too much or anything like that. If people think any less of you for not drinking loads, they’re not the kind of friends you really need.

5. Don’t Worry

Finally and most importantly, don’t worry. You’re going to have an absolutely amazing time and make some wonderful friends! And even if it isn’t for you once you get there, that’s completely fine too. University isn’t for everyone. So don’t stress, just get excited for possibly the best few years of your life!


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