The Red Dress


Every girl needs the perfect LBD, LWD and LRD in their wardrobe. This is my perfect LRD (little red dress).

Back in 2013 when I graduated I spent ages looking around for the perfect dress. The only problem for me was I found two perfect dresses in French Connection. In the end I opted for this one, which in hindsight I am glad for as it was pretty cold in November so the long sleeves kept me a little warmer! But this red one also stole my heart and I was gutted I couldn’t get both. As an unemployed graduate I did not have over £200 to be spending on two dresses.

However my wonderful mum bought me the red one for Christmas the month after graduation! I was so happy to have it but I rarely have the opportunity to wear nice dresses. So when my birthday came around this year and we were off to Liverpool I decided it was the perfect opportunity to save this dress from the depths of my wardrobe.

I meant to get photos in Liverpool of it but there really wasn’t the time, so instead here I am donning it in front of my garage. Glam eh!


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