Getting My Blog Mojo Back

jacket – CAMEO ROSE @ NEW LOOK  |  jeans – TOPSHOP JAMIE  |  top – ASOS
polo neck (under top) – MANGO  |  bag – PRIMARK  |  trainers – ADIDAS STAN SMITHS

I’m back with a blog post! I haven’t posted anything for over a week and a half so I thought it was high time I sorted out a new post.

There’s a number of reasons I have posted in over a week really. One thing I have been moaning about since pretty much September is the weather. Some days when I’m not feeling so peppy and happy I literally dread going outside in the cold weather to take photos. So recently I’ve just been avoiding it if I can and doing fewer photos.

I’m also not that happy about my blog design at the moment. I’ve done it all myself and I don’t think its very clean or user friendly, and I just think it needs a refresh. I haven’t changed it too much in the past two years so I think it’s kind of crying out for a redesign. I’m really considering buying one of those blogger templates and sorting out a new header to inject a bit of new life into my blog. So many people seem to have used pipdig so I’m thinking maybe there? Or if you have any other recommendations then I’d love to hear about them!

I also think I’ve been putting too much pressure on myself to blog, which completely takes the fun out of it. I was trying to do 5 outfits a week, then that got a bit unrealistic, so I reduced it to 4, and now I’m thinking of taking away this structure completely and doing what I can. I see all these bloggers posting all the time and doing amazing posts and thinking why can’t I do that, I need to do that. But its not realistic and I shouldn’t be putting that pressure on myself. I work full time and I’ve never been sent anything by a company so everything you see on this blog is stuff bought and paid for by me or given to me as a gift from friends and family. So I can’t constantly be posting fresh new stuff because my clothing collection is only so big. I think I need to take all this stuff into account more. I want to post regularly but I don’t think I should be putting so much pressure on myself to do as much as huge bloggers who do it full time.

I also think I should branch out a bit more and not just focus on fashion because that makes it even harder to blog. Every outfit I put on my blog I question ‘is this good enough?’ ‘is this blog worthy?’, and I think its got a bit out of hand and stressful. I need to just start blogging what I like and not worry. So expect to see more things on here apart from fashion, because I do like more things than just clothes, and I want to start showing that. Whether it’s music, baking, homeware, lifestyle, beauty or anything else in between, I’m going to start trying to producing some different things.

From here on out I’m gonna try and do my best, because thats all anyone can do. If I manage to do 5 posts a week, then wonderful, if I manage to do 2, then thats ok too. My blog life has officially been reassessed!

Does anyone else have these crisis of confidence and feel they need to step back and take some time away? Let me know if you have and how you’ve got your blog mojo back!


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