I Wish I Was An Olsen

jumper – NALA LOS ANGELES  |  jeans – TOPSHOP LEIGH  |  shoes – CONVERSE

As much as I love this jumper, it has caused me some agg to get it, as you may know if you watched my most recent haul video. If you haven’t yet then long story short, it took a month to arrive and so-called free international delivery turned out to be £13 in import charges. Not the best really.

I did spend most of my childhood wishing I was an Olsen twin, and now Elizabeth is on the scene, I definitely wish I was from their gene pool. So damn pretty the lot of them! Two of a Kind was my absolute fave, and I’m not ashamed to admit I bought pink tinted sunglasses thinking it would make me look like them in Passport to Paris. I seriously need to get my hands on the DVD of that one!

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