Blue & Monochrome

jacket – RIVER ISLAND  |  tshirt – ASOS  |  jeans – TOPSHOP JAMIE
cardigan – H&M  |  necklaces – ASOS  |  boots – PRIMARK  |  sunglasses – ASOS

Does my hair look shorter to you? I feel like it looks majorly shorter than last week. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, my mum was trimming the ends off my hair because they were looking pretty raggedy.

She snipped away and when I looked in the mirror I felt like she’d hacked half my hair off. I wasn’t prepared for a cut rather than a trim, which made me freak out even more when I saw it. I haven’t cut my hair much at all since I was 13 when I took in a photo of Mary-Kate and Ashley in Our Lips Are Sealed and came out with the most hideous haircut I’ve ever had. A short bob did not suit me whatsoever. Since then I’ve been too scared to have more than my ends off. My mum decided however that I needed a lot off because in her words ‘it was like chewing gum’ at the ends.

From now on I am gonna be hitting the hair treatments hard!


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