Anarchy & High Tops

tshirt – PRIMARK  |  jeans – TOPSHOP JAMIE  |  cardigan – H&M
hat – NEW LOOK  |  high tops – NIKE  |  necklace – URBAN OUTFITTERS

I’m actually in love with every item in this outfit so I had to roll it all into one look!

I try and pair this fedora with everything at the moment because I feel like it goes with so damn much! The only reason I don’t put it on sometimes is because I think people will think ‘not that bloomin’ hat again!’

Topshop Jamies are my new fave jeans officially. I only own two pairs and this definitely needs to change ASAP! I used to be in the Leigh club but I always found myself pulling them up. That problem never happens with Jamies because they’re high waisted. My jeans prayers have been answered. I’m totally lusting after a grey pair so they may have to happen soon seeing as it is pay day!
I’ve wanted a long cardigan for ages and when I spotted this one in H&M I knew it had to be mine. If only they did it in more colours and then I could buy it in 6 colours like my fave cardigan of all time from H&M. When I like something and it only costs £7.99 it’s hard for me to restrain myself when I spot it in new colours. At current check I have it in grey, black, white, red, green and light blue.

These Nikes are my new trainer love. If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I had the option of two colours (there were 4 in the shop but I narrowed it down to 2), and me being me I couldn’t decide so I just bought both! Keep your eyes peeled for the khaki pair which will probably be appearing soon on the blog.

Finally we have my Sons of Anarchy t-shirt from Primark. Jax Teller I love you. That is all.

Happy Friday everyone!

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