3 Year Blog-aversary!

(image via WeHeartIt)


Today marks my three year blog anniversary. Three years ago today I uploaded my first ever outfit post which you can see above, entitled ‘Awkward Turtle’ because I felt so awkward posing in front of the camera. What a difference three years makes eh!couple of posts up before this one in January of 2012, but no outfit posts, so I’m officially counting today as my anniversary. I just wanted to take this post as an opportunity to reflect on my blog journey so far.

When I started this little blog, it was because I loved fashion, was studying for a fashion degree and had recently discovered the wonderful world of blogging. It took me a while to muster up the courage to start a blog, and I actually convinced my housemate to start one with me because I was too scared to do it alone. What a bloody good friend eh! That first blog was on Tumblr during my first year at uni. However by second year I found the courage to start a blog of my own content because I wanted to start putting myself out there, I wanted to make friends and see what I could do.

Overall I don’t feel entirely proud of my blog journey so far. I haven’t really set out to do what I had planned and made friends in the blogging community. I didn’t participate in Twitter chats, was too scared to comment others and didn’t put myself out there enough. I also posted a bit too sporadically and I didn’t have a complete purpose.

However last year I decided I really wanted to focus on my blog, and figure out what I wanted to get from it after having a crisis of confidence and nearly quitting it completely. So towards the end of last year I put in a concerted effort to post more regularly, comment more to other people and started participating in a couple of Twitter chats. I’ve also started to tweet other bloggers a bit and reach out a little.

In short, I’ve decided I need to put myself out there and participate. Let others know when I love their posts, or think their outfit is amazing, or they inspired me to buy something. How would I make friends if I don’t put myself out there? So this year is hopefully going to be the year of my blog, posting regularly and putting myself out there to make friends!


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