Hello 2015!


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As it is now 2015 I thought I would go back and check on my aims and resolutions I made on this little blog last year and see if I had fulfilled them, and make some more for the New Year! I think its a nice way to reflect on the past year and think about my hopes and goals for the upcoming year so I think this is going to be an annual staple post! So without further ado here are the goals I set myself last year and how well I lived up to them;

Find a job 

Well it took me most of the year but I did it! In December of 2014 I started my first full time job since finishing uni. 2014 really was a year of ups and downs for me in terms of jobs and working, I started the year on a couple of huge highs after seeing my name in OK magazine for a shoot I assisted on, and scoring a great internship. However after this internship ended 3 months earlier than expected I felt quite lost and couldn’t seem to find anything in the career I wanted so I ended up spending most of the year feeling rubbish about work and my abilities. However a break came for me in November and I ended up getting myself a job in the field I want and I started on the 1st December. So I can tick number one off my 2014 goals list!

Take a photo a day (do better than last year!)

Right, so I pretty much failed miserably with sticking to putting my photos in the Photo 365 app everyday that I planned to. I probably took photos most days of the year but I don’t have a record of this really. So lets just give this one a ‘wobbly not sure hand’ gesture.

Less sugar/sweets (maybe limited to weekends? but I cant promise on that one)

Terrible work Robyn, maybe we should just give up on this one because I’m truly an addict.

Exercise more (emphasis on the ‘more’, because I just can’t commit to becoming a daily/weekly gym bunny)

I joined the gym precisely one week before going on holiday in the summer, went twice and then gave up. Later on in the summer I started the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and lasted 3 weeks. I also planned to go swimming, we went once and then failed to do so again. So I tried a bit, but not really hard enough. But technically it was more than I did in 2013 so lets give this one another ‘wobbly hand not sure’ gesture.

More fruit & veg (do even better than last year)

I can honestly say I think I smashed this one. I have tried so many new fruit and veg this year and probably had veg with 80% of the dinners I have cooked at home myself!

Blog more (try to blog 5x a week, I hope!)

I started off the year poorly but I hit my stride by around August/September time and posted a lot more and from September – December pretty much hit 5 posts a week.

Body moisturise regularly (because once a day is too much like hard work)

Big fat fail.

Keep up a proper skincare routine

Double big fat fail.

Continue YouTube-ing

Yes! I totally did this one.

Move into my own place

With being unemployed for the majority of the year, this was never going to happen sadly.

Give more compliments

I’m not sure if I did this one, I hope I did. I commented nice things on blogs a lot more if this counts?

Participate in some form of fundraising event

I’m proud to say that I participated in a charity midnight walk for the hospice that looked after my dad so I am really pleased with completing this one.

Overall I don’t think I did too badly! And now I guess its time I set some new goals and aims!

Blog 5 times a week

Upload a YouTube video once a week

Make a Project Life scrapbook (after seeing Lily Pebbles video about them I really want to get started on one!)

Get some damn exercise! And look after myself a bit better i.e. more water

See more of the world

– Read more

– Participate in another charity event 

– Put more effort into participating in the blogging/youtubing community

– Cook more/learn to cook more

Fingers crossed I do well this year! Have you set yourself any goals/aims for 2015?


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