Blue & Black

shirts – VINTAGE  |  jeans – TOPSHOP JAMIE
trainers – VANS OLD SKOOL  |  socks – ADIDAS
Going for a completely laid-back, blue-shades style today. I have been meaning to get my blue vans on the blog for a while now, and this is the outfit that I ended up styling them into. I also popped on my adidas socks Luke got me for Christmas. I’ve seen them so much over Instagram and Pinterest and really wanted some but I wasn’t sure what to wear them with, I think I’m going to keep trying them out with things because I’m not entirely sure what I think of them in this outfit.

I also found a new location to take photos outside my local leisure centre for a bit more of a gritty concrete background. There aren’t many different types of backdrop where I live so I have to really search to find different things. I try to not have the same backgrounds all the time, but needs must you know. Especially in this cold weather, driving around looking for places to shoot isn’t the easiest when the light’s fading and its about 1 degrees celsius outside. So my apologies if my backgrounds are the same a lot of the time, I’m always trying to scout new ones though!


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