Prints, Patterns & Fur

fur collar – ASOS  |  jacket – ZARA  |  jeans – PAIGE DENIM
shirt – PAIGE DENIM  |  shoes – PRIMARK  |  bag – BHS

Yet more Paige jeans I took away from my internship last year, I have so many pairs of these amazing designer jeans and they didn’t cost me anything! Result! I decided to go for a double denim and black look with these. But when I put on the leather jacket I realised it wasn’t really warm enough for a leather jacket alone anymore so I popped on a bit of fur to keep me warm.

I also had a major fail with these photos. When editing them I was thinking why does my hair look so weird, then I realised I had sprayed it with dry shampoo in a rush, and clearly not properly rubbed it in. I was moaning about this to my mum and saying that it was annoying I didn’t realise this at the time. And she proceeded to tell me that she noticed at the time that I had some white hairs, and felt sorry for me that I was going grey at the age of 23, so she didn’t like to mention it! What an absolute fail! Note to self, always rub that Batiste in!


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