Grey Knee Highs & A Checked Dress

jumper (under dress) – MANGO  |  boots – MATALAN

Thigh high boots are a tricky one, you can be so close to tacky and have to tread a thin line with them. Hopefully I’m on the right side of the line! I originally ordered myself a treat in the form of the Office Nova 2 boots, thinking that they would be a fine length, and that the Office Nova boots which were the slightly shorter version, would be not as long as I wanted. However when the boots turned up, without being too over-sharing, I don’t have the legs of a Victoria’s Secret model, so those boot’s top end was only a couple of centimetres away from my private area. Absolutely terrible, so those swiftly were returned. Those were flat boots, so I’m still on the hunt for a similar pair to that, but to satisfy my thigh high boots craving for now I settled on these babies from Matalan. At only £35 I’m amazed by how nice they are in real life. I absolutely love them.

I am again showing off a couple more of my new bits from the Clothes Show in the form of this dress and the faux fur scarf. In all honesty, the faux fur is one of my mum’s purchases but she kindly lets me borrow things. I think this is the third week in a row that something I’ve borrow from her has featured on the blog. Maybe I should do a mum’s style post! Haha.

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