The Orange Leather

jacket – VINTAGE  |  jeans – TOPSHOP LEIGH  |  tshirt – TOPSHOP
necklace – RIVER ISLAND  |  shoes – PRIMARK

This jacket is yet another item I’ve had for a couple of years and never actually worn. I only took the tag off today to wear it and photograph it. And I really have no idea why I haven’t been wearing it. Every time I put it on before I’ve always wondered if it looked too big or if what I was wearing looked ok with it because its an unusual colour for leather. So many unnecessary worries really. I bought it at my local vintage shop when I was at uni. It was called Hepwrights and it was just the most beautiful, well selected pieces type vintage shop. Sadly I’ve since been back to look in there and it has closed down which is such a shame! I don’t know of any great vintage shops where I live, or in the local area, I really need to find some? Is there some kind of website database for this?! Because if you google it there always seems to be a lot of rubbish!

I also had my first wander through Hythe town centre today and I was pleasantly surprised, I had no idea there was quite so many shops and lovely little alleyways there! I’ve always only been there for the seafront and the canal so a little exploration into the shops today was well over due and I will definitely be going back there again when I have a bit more time. Have you ever been to a different part of a town you’ve been loads of times before and found something new?


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