Stags & Pipes

shirt – stall at Clothes Show Live  |  jeans – TOPSHOP LEIGH

The Clothes Show at the Birmingham NEC every December is an annual tradition for me and my mum since I was about 14. We’ve only not been once since then and that was because we got snowed off. To begin with I used to buy a load of rubbish that you tend to buy when you’re 14, like countless David & Goliath t-shirts and Playboy clothing. Yes I was totally the girl who bought that kind of stuff. In my older years I’ve tried to be a bit more selective and buy stuff I will actually wear, so the vintage stalls have been my favourite stops in the past couple of visits. While this shirt may not be from a vintage stall, it was from one of the smaller more individual stands and I think it was definitely a good under £20 spend! I mean when else are you going to find a shirt with stags smoking pipes whilst wearing striped woolly jumpers on it!?

In other news, I am currently obsessed with Autumn/Winter decor in the house and can’t stop searching on Pinterest for Christmas decorating ideas. Can it just be December already!

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