Monochrome Prints

this is my ‘I’m cold’ and trying to fake it that I’m fine face

shirt – VINTAGE  |  skirt – NEW LOOK  |  boots – PRIMARK

I bought this shirt last year at the Clothes Show Live, along with the deer shirt I posted the other week. However I haven’t actually worn it before because I noticed one day that it had a tear in the front of it somehow, so it sat on my ‘to fix’ pile for quite a while. I can’t decide if I love it or if I look like some sort of monochrome clown in it? To tone down the clown-ness I decided it was best to pair it with an all black look.

The Clothes Show is now just over a week away and I cannot wait to go again! The show is always fantastic and its such a good mother daughter day out. Hopefully I find some good vintage pieces again this year! Last year was an absolute corker and I could have come away with so much vintage so I’m hoping its much the same this year!

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