Monochrome & Leopard

polo neck – MANGO via ASOS  |  jeans – PAIGE  |  shirt – VIKTOR & ROLF
shoes – PRIMARK  |  lipstick – MAC RUSSIAN RED

Man is it freezing outside! Out wearing this today I definitely felt like I needed a coat or a vest on because I was so cold. I had so many photos where I looked ridiculously awkward because of how cold I was. These jeans are one of the pairs that I was given whilst interning at a PR company last year as they were having a clear out. They’re a bit out there and different but I really do love them,  I’m just never sure what to pair them with!

As I write this I’m watching the newest episode of The Walking Dead, I freakin’ love this show! I had never watched it before about three weeks ago as I thought it looked a bit violent and scary. But Virgin Media (my tv provider) was advertising that they had all four seasons of it on demand, and one day I was bored last month I thought I’d give it a go. Fast forward two weeks and I had watched all four seasons and I adore it! My faves are Glenn, Maggie and Darryl. Do you watch it? If you do then who are your favourite survivors? I still can’t get over the fact that Rick Grimes is the guy from Love Actually! Madness!

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