Moccasin Boots & My Cat Jake

shirt – PRIMARK  |  jeans – TOPSHOP LEIGH  |  scarf – SAINSBURYS
boots – matalan maybe? they’re so old I can’t remember I’m afraid!

Introducing my cat Jake to the blog! He’s a funny old sausage. I got him back in 2002 so he’s getting on a bit now and he’s definitely changed with age. He never used to like being in the house and barely let you stroke him, up until my other cat (his brother Joe) passed away a couple of years ago and Jake turned into a right homebody who likes being stroked. When I was going out to take these photos he followed us out of the house and all the way down the roads to this spot about 5 minutes away and then wandered about in the background whilst my mum was taking the photos, and then when we decided to leave he followed us all the way back to the house! It was like taking the cat for a walk!

Anyway, onto the outfit! Pretty much everything I’m wearing is stuff I’ve had for ages that I decided to throw together for a simple cold day look. I love the fox face on this scarf, its just a shame the scarf has to be spread out for it to be seen properly! These boots I have had for as long as I can remember but I always like to bring them out every cold season because they’re a bit different to everything else I own. I love moccasin style shoes and boots for a bit of an earthy feel. Are there any old faithful pieces you get out every winter season?

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