Well this post is around a year late.

A year ago tomorrow I graduated from university and this is the dress I wore. However on the day I didn’t get any photos of it without my cap and gown on, and didn’t get round to taking any after the day either. So I thought I would do a 1 year anniversary post instead!

I fell in love with this dress at first sight, and I still love it. The only downside is the cut outs at the top do show your bra a bit. I’m not sure about going braless in this cold weather if you know what I mean so you will have to deal with my bra being a bit visible instead! Despite that, the cut outs are so beautiful and give that little hint of skin to give the dress a bit more edge. At the time the only problem I had was that I found about 4 dresses I adored in French Connection and it took me about an hour to decide which one I actually wanted, and even then I bought two and returned one after I had deliberated at home. After finding nothing in any other shops, French Connection really came through with some amazing dresses last year. So if you’re looking for any dresses for the upcoming party season then I definitely recommend heading their way.

If only I had another graduation or event to attend this year so I could justify buying a new gorgeous dress from French Connection!

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