White & Scalloped

dress – ASOS  |  sandals – NEW LOOK  |  anklet – turkish market

Some days you take photos, then look at them on the camera and think ‘eugh, I hate what I look like’. These photos were one of those days, but when I got home and looked at them on the computer I was pleasantly surprised, I love the white against the green backdrop! I think I need to live somewhere that has lush backdrops like this for my outfit photos all the time.

The dress is actually a couple of years old now but is one that doesn’t get out much. I’ve only worn it twice I think, the English weather doesn’t really facilitate outfits like this so both times have been when I wasn’t in Britain!

I’m only on day two of my holiday outfits and its already making me miss it so much! Get me back to Cape Verde (only if I can bring my dog and the boy too this time though).

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