The Tropical Co-Ord

co-ord – made by me

I saved my favourite outfit for the last night of the holiday. If you follow me on Instagram then you may have seen me post a picture of this fabric a while ago, wondering what to make with it. Well here it is!

I picked up this fabric back in August in the remnant area of a fabric shop, just a 1metre piece was left. So I thought I could maybe make a top or a skirt or something with it, but then after a little bit more of a search in the piles of fabrics I found another 1metre remnant! So then my ideas jumped into a co-ord, I adored the colour and print of the fabric immediately so thought a co-ord would be a great bold way to use the fabric. It also meant that I could wear the pieces separately in different outfits.

However, at the end of August the good weather started to give up in Britain and I left the idea for this Summer. But when me and mum booked the last minute holiday to Cape Verde, I thought ‘right, I HAVE to make this outfit in time for holiday now!’. But me being me with my sewing (I start many projects but don’t finish them in short periods of time because my mind gets excited by a new sewing idea) I left it till the last minute. That last minute was 2 days before my holiday. So there was me at 2am the night before my holiday sewing this.

And I’m not gonna lie, I was frickin’ delighted when I finished this. I was prancing around the living room with a stupid grin on my face because I was amazed at the time frame it had been done in, and the fact that I had made it. I often have this stupid grin and prance around the house when I’ve made something. Being able to wear something I made from scratch makes me unbelievably happy.

So here you have it, my tropical co-ord. And I gotta tell you, I’m pretty damn chuffed with it!


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