Sewing & Upcycling

top – bandana from ebay that I sewed into a top  |  skirt – my mums dress that I modified into a skirt
shoes – PRIMARK

Quite a while ago I saw on Lydia from Fashion Influx’s Instagram one of these bandana tops. Straight away I thought ‘I HAVE to make myself one of those!’. So after buying a bandana on eBay for about £4 I set about making one. Its not perfect but I’m pretty happy about how it came out. Next summer I’m definitely going to make a couple more because they’re so easy to do!

The skirt is something I would say I ‘upcycled’, because its something my mum didn’t want and I made it into something I did! Ages ago my mum gave me this dress and said it didn’t fit her anymore and that I could stick it on eBay. It was a strapless dress with a black velvet top and this pleated full skirt bottom. I left it in my ‘to eBay’ bag for ages and forgot about it. Then recently I started looking for pleated midi skirts online as I really started to like the style. And when sorting through my eBay bag I found this dress and thought, you know, I could make this into the skirt I want! So I chopped off most of the top and folded a little of it into a waistband, took it in a bit, added a zip, and hey presto a new skirt. My mum did help me quite a bit with this as she’s the problem-solver seamstress in our house as she’s got a lot more experience in sewing than me.


But I am so pleased with how it has come out and the fact that I have a new skirt for free. My mum has now said she wishes she’d kept the dress and made it into a skirt herself, unfortunately for her its no longer her size! Moral of the story, check your wardrobe for any unwanted items that can be made into something you do want!

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