As my holiday posts have now come to an end I guess I’m going to have to admit that Autumn is definitely here and its well on its way to Winter. In the spirit of putting up a more current British seasonally appropriate post I was thinking I would do an Autumn wish list, but then decided that would require doing some internet browsing. We all know where that leads, me wanting to buy stuff. And as I currently have little money to splurge (having done some shopping in the past couple of weeks) I thought that would just be tempting myself too much. So instead I decided to write down the things I’m looking forward to most for this Autumn/Winter season. While they may not be my favourite seasons, there are some things you just can’t beat in the colder months.

1. Cuddling up on the sofa on the dark nights with the fire and a good movie on.

2. Walking my little pup Louis bundled up in wellies, a big coat and a snuggly scarf.

3. Whittard White Hot Chocolate, truly dreamy stuff.

4. Buying new scarves and hats because you can never have enough.

5. Christmas decorating.

6. Having christmas scented candles on, I love Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie and Sugared Apple.

7. Wearing a onesie.

8. That annual hope for snow in the UK even though we know that means life will grind to a standstill because we can’t cope with a bit of snow.

9. Firework night.

10. Feeling that chilly air on your face while the rest of you is wrapped up warm.


What are your favourite things about Autumn/Winter?

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