High Tops & Checks


tshirt – TOPSHOP


cardigan – H&M

jeans – ASOS

trainers – ADIDAS

Today’s post is just a casual outfit that I wore out to the shops at the weekend. Being comfy at the weekend is a must so trainers are standard procedure for me. These are actually the first pair I got when Luke started working at the Adidas store in Portsmouth while we were at uni and I still love them. They do need a bit of a clean though!

The jeans are an old pair I had from ASOS that I found lurking at the back of my wardrobe. I’m trying to vary my jean choice from just Topshop Leighs so I put these ones on again. I remembered I didn’t actually like the length of them because they’re a bit long for my little legs so they bunched up around my ankles. A pair of scissors quickly rectified this problem. That my new plan with clothes, if I don’t wear them then I try to figure out why, and then try to fix that problem. If a pair of scissors and a sewing machine cant fix it then they gotta go!

The shirt is from one of my fave stalls at the Clothes Show, Blue Rinse Vintage. I always buy a thing or two from them, I just wish there was a stockist nearer to me!

And finally the cardigan is a winner from H&M that I now own in 4 colours, if something works and you love it, why not buy it in every colour!


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