Kaleidoscopic Green

jacket – CAMEO ROSE @ NEW LOOK  |  tshirt – TOPSHOP  |  jeans – PAIGE DENIM

shoes – CONVERSE  |  necklace – URBAN OUTFITTERS


Any jeans other than my trusty Topshop ones are always too long on me, I must have minuscule legs because I always have oodles of fabric hanging around my ankles. It puts me off wearing certain pairs of my jeans because I feel like they look so silly. So I decided to hem these jeans to make them a more manageable length, using my Topshop Jamies as a guideline for length (yes I drew a felt tip line on my leg where I wanted the hemline to sit) I hemmed them at a loose ankle length. I really like these jeans at this length so I will definitely be wearing them more often. They’re also super soft and comfy too which I love. I think I need to have another look over my other jeans and see what else I can get sew-happy on!

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